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OPEN LETTER TO NIKE CEO, MARK PARKER: “Is Nike trying to pay factory workers less than the minimum wage?”

Posted 09 January 2013 | By | Categories: EFJ Features | No Comments

  To: Mark Parker, CEO, Nike Inc. From: Jim Keady, Director, Educating for Justice Re: Minimum Wage in Nike’s Indonesian factories January 9, 2013 Mark: Hello from Jakarta.  I am writing with regard to the recent increase in the minimum wage in Indonesia.  As I am sure you are aware, on January 1, 2013 minimum […]

DISPATCH FROM JAKARTA: Will Nike’s workers be paid the new minimum wage?

Posted 08 January 2013 | By | Categories: EFJ Features | No Comments

                        Today I had a really exciting meeting with my longtime friend and colleague, Surya Tjandra and his staff from the Trade Union Rights Centre in Jakarta.  The majority of our discussion focused on the recent increase in the minimum wage throughout Jakarta and […]

Open Letter to Nike CEO, Mark Parker: Stop Greenwashing, Fix the Scrap Shoe Rubber Issue in Indonesia

Posted 18 July 2012 | By | Categories: EFJ Features | No Comments

Mark, On May 7, 2012 I published a report on the improper disposal of Nike shoe rubber in Indonesia.  In response to this report, on May 8, 2012 Ananto Wimbaji, Environmental Sustainability Manager – Nike Indonesia, sent an email to all of your footwear factories in Indonesia trying to find out where this dump was […]

Join Jim Keady in putting pressure on TIAA-CREF today! TC owns $363,835,000.00 in Nike stock

Posted 17 July 2012 | By | Categories: ACTIONS, EFJ Features | No Comments

Today at 1pm (U.S. EST), Jim Keady, Director of Educating for Justice, will be attending the annual meeting of the financial services firm, TIAA-CREF.  TIAA-CREF manages the investments of people in the academic, medical, governmental, research and cultural fields. TIAA-CREF currently owns $363,835,000.00 dollars in Nike stock, making them one of Nike’s largest institutional investors in […]

Educating for Justice hires Indonesian staff to organize Nike workers

Posted 18 June 2012 | By | Categories: EFJ Features, News Stories | No Comments

EFJ/TEAM SWEAT: I am happy to announce that Educating for Justice has finally established operations in Indonesia on a full-time basis.  This exciting step forward will allow us to build worker-power factory by factory and develop a grassroots movement to challenge Nike’s continued exploitation of their Indonesian workers. I would like to introduce you to […]

Open letter to Nike CEO, Mark Parker on the current wage issue at Nike’s factories in Tangerang Indonesia

Posted 15 June 2012 | By | Categories: EFJ Features | No Comments

Mark, In early 2012 there were increases in the sectoral and provincial minimum wages across Indonesia.  From January 2012 until May 2012, Nike’s factories in Tangerang, Indonesia paid workers the lower provincial minimum wage.  Factory managers were forced to pay this lower wage because Nike USA refused to increase the amount they were willing to […]

In the dumps with Nike (again)

Posted 07 May 2012 | By | Categories: EFJ Features, EFJ Reports from Indonesia | 1 Comment

On September 9, 2011 I wrote a report on the improper disposal of Nike shoe rubber in Indonesia. In the report I detailed my years-long experience of documenting the improper disposal of shoe waste from Nike factories in Indonesia and how their practices run completely counter to what they claim on the Nike website and […]

Nike workers face verbal, physical and sexual abuse at factory in Sukabumi, Indonesia

Posted 30 April 2012 | By | Categories: EFJ Features, EFJ Reports from Indonesia | No Comments

I just arrived in Indonesia and although I have yet to meet with any Nike workers, I can report the following. Over the past year, Nike factory workers have faced verbal abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse; they have been forced to pay bribes for employment; the have been subject to serious health and safety […]

Should Catholic Schools Wear Nike?

Posted 20 April 2012 | By | Categories: EFJ Features | No Comments

In the near fifteen years I have been working to end Nike’s sweatshop abuses and make Nike a fair trade company, I have watched with great pain as Nike has aggressively colonized Catholic schools across the nation. In fact, this is how my work started. Back in 1997, while an assistant coach as St. John’s […]

Email Nike CEO, Mark Parker

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Do you want to give the top brass at Nike a piece of your mind?  Do you want to tell them to pay their factory workers a living wage and to negotiate tri-party union contracts? Here is the personal email address of Nike CEO, Mark Parker. Write him today!

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